Two basic types of coffee table

Before beginning to look for a coffee table, you should work out what it is that you want it to do for you? Do you simply want to place the coffee on it, display things, store magazines, or even use it as a dining table on occasion? Do you want a stylish modern coffee table that might be a statement piece or a more subtle choice that will blend into the rest of the room?

What will you use your coffee table for?

Before choosing a specific type of coffee table, you will need to understand your need for buying a coffee table. Coffee tables are versatile things. While some people use them only for the odd drink in front of the television, in many homes, they have all but replaced the family dining table. You need to bear in mind what you are going to use your coffee table for before choosing it. If you can choose the material of the coffee table, your decision will be easier to buy one.

Different types of the coffee tables

The choice of size, shape, material, style, and what needs the coffee table must meet are vital considerations in ensuring that your coffee table sets the right tone for your room. Different materials are used for making coffee tables. Few popular types of coffee tables are-

1) Glass coffee tables

Glass coffee tables are excellent for small rooms as they help to increase the feeling of space. They can also be good at helping to create a light, airy feel. However, think carefully if you have small children or are likely to have people that might be likely to have falls that use the room. Although glass coffee tables will be made of a special safer kind of glass, they are not indestructible.

Round glass coffee tables can change the whole look of your living room. A glass coffee table should never be used where it might be dangerous. You should read the guide on glass coffee table safety if you need advice on how to prevent accidents.

2) Wooden coffee tables

Wooden coffee tables are still the most popular, and many different types of wood can be used, from simple pine to a beautiful but expensive burr walnut. An oak coffee table will be durable and beautiful. Many modern coffee tables are made from MDF or medium density fiberboard, which is an excellent choice for coffee tables as it is strong and easy to maintain. The beauty of real wood, however, is that it can be sanded back and restrained or varnished if required.

So, these are two basic types of coffee tables you can choose from.

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